Due to MECQ in Metro Manila, we will resume shipping on May 14, 2021!
Due to MECQ in Metro Manila, we will resume shipping on May 14, 2021!
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International Clients

Please take your time to read!

Heroine Complex is based in the Philippines. As we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, there is a potential for delays in tracking and shipment. 

Here is an image of our current postal service's shipping flight schedule:

The Philippines' Philpost is only semi-operational. We still have curfews, localized lockdowns, etc. Therefore, the service is extremely slow.

What HC guarantees:

  • We will send you a photo of your package prior and after shipment.
  • You will receive a registry receipt.
  • You will receive a tracking number.
  • All packages will be carefully packaged.
  • All items are disinfected with a UV lamp.
  • We will handle packages with extreme care and follow hygienic protocols.

HC ships via:

  • PhilPost Registered Mail
  • FedEx Express 
  • EMS

I would HIGHLY recommend doing a bulk purchase and going for FedEx express versus registered mail.

Registered mail is slow and your package can take up to 1-6 months.

I've sent acrylic holders to family and friends in the US as a test drive. The one in New York took 3 months, my bestfriend in London received her keyholders after 5 months. These were via Registered Mail.

HC is not responsible for delays, damaged items (we guarantee we will pack everything securely, no matter what), etc. Once the package is out of our hands, we do not have control over it. To ease our clients, we will send aforementioned proof of shipments.

If you wish to pursue registered mail, please do so under your own discretion. If you wish to receive items quicker, more secure, and timely- Please opt for FedEx or EMS.

Our EMS / FedEx rates are calculated per 1 kilogram. Unfortunately, even if packages are less than 1 kilogram, FedEx / EMS follows the per 1 kilogram price rule for packages. 

 Therefore, it is recommended to do bulk purchases. 

I would suggest if you have friends in your same location who also want to order from HC to bulk purchase, divide shipping and one person can ship there accordingly. Essentially, do a group order and go for FedEx.

We will ship within 2-3 days after payment. Typically every M-W-F.

Thank you very much!