New Blog! + Kimi Koi Signal & Otodoke Kareshi @ Otomate Garden!


This may not be the introduction you wanted to hear… after not writing a single post in several months. But it must be said that I was ill-prepared in redoing my entire blog. When I noticed that all my previous photographs from my past entries were all gone, I just completely lost interest or motivation. I mean, I never delete photographs so I still have them on my files. It just annoyed the heck out of me.

But, as all things are often reborn… and the fact that I can’t seem to go too far without a medium wherein people can just read everything I say so I can talk for as long as I want… The blog has reopened! Someone play some cute music in the background!

To be quite honest, I’ve been back to Tokyo several times after my current posts, like this post should have been written when I went back home from my May-June trip. So you’ll all probably see a lot of posts from those dates first. I’m actually leaving for Tokyo again soon for a mini vacation. I’ve been meaning to clear my head from all the stress in school.

All I can say is: better late than never. I promise to continue doing my best.

Let’s start!

It was pretty boring Tokyo day, and my Mom just wanted to rest at our hotel in Ikebukuro. We stayed up late the night before chilling out at a cafe and walked around Ueno. So I figured, why not walk around by my lonesome? I saw that Otomate Garden had some seats freed up for their 12:00 time slot and walked my merry way to the place as if I had a reservation. 

To start off with, the ladies were extremely nice! But because I’m still an awkward person and the fact that my Nihongo is still at it’s early stages, it quickly turned into a pretty weird and unsettling language barrier experience. The ladies were so confused and were asking help from one another. I felt sorry about the fact that I didn’t try harder to communicate because I didn’t really want to be a burden on any body. 

This experience was probably the main driving force as to why I studied Nihongo at a school immediately upon my return.

The series that were having a collaboration at that time were Otodoke Kareshi and Kimi Koi Signal

I didn’t expect that their place would be this small. I went to Otomate Cafe previously, and I felt that was a more comfortable place to go to. No wonder they offer up reservations! It’s like half of the typical Animate cafes I’m used to.

The menu!

I knew nothing about the series. I found the picture to be very pretty. (Yes, that is a good enough reason.) You could choose the design of your free mat so I picked this one. If there’s anything anyone must know about me is that I generally just exploring and trying out new things. I think I’ll go research about this series after writing this point!

Everything was so good! I would say it’s definitely better than Animate + Adores. The food was freshly made which I truly appreciate it. I ordered Nanban Chicken and some sweet melon drink.

Next up, Otomate Garden exclusives!

You can get them on my shop! Feel free to pre-order them there!

If you’ve read this far, I’m thankful. I hope you enjoyed.

This WordPress format is still pretty new to me. I’m going to work hard so I can document my adventures. 

I’m truly blessed.

Love, Mika