J-World x The New Prince of Tennis Shitennoji Matsuri Collaboration!

Hi, hi! 

Hello, everyone!

I’m glad I’m getting back into the routine of writing posts. I took a break for awhile because I needed to focus on other things. But, of course… knowing that I’m at least putting something out there for my readers is important to me. I often feel a bit pensive whenever it comes to writing as I am consistently questioning the entire process. Are my photographs up to par? Am I doing this whole blogging thing properly? You never really know who’s reading your posts. 

But I definitely want to break from such thinking! 

I want to share the places I’ve been through. If anything, so I can look back on these days and share them with the people I love.

For the J-World x Shitennoji collaboration, I made sure to book my trip in a way that made these two series (alongside the Seigaku collaboration) coincide. Things went into my favour, and I was grateful because then I didn’t have to return for this collaboration! 

I’m a huge Prince of Tennis fan!

I always have 1 favorite character from all the schools (except for Higa unironically) and I love Kenya Oshitari!

I wish I had friends to come with me and play the games!

Sadly, that’s not possible for me… yet. Often, I always have to be on the move so I can’t stay in collaborations for too long!

Some of the special event goods!

They look wonderful!

I tend not to play these types of chance games because I prefer to buy merchandise as soon as possible.

The art board! I love seeing other people’s art. 

What I ate!

Anyway, thanks for reading / viewing!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.

Love, Mika

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