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Cinnamoroll Cafe at Shinjuku Part 2!

Hello, hello!
Today I went out to see Dana and inspect HC HQ. It was quite fun, and although I lacked sleep… my motivation powered me through. (However, with that said, I’m ready to retire to bed.) In any case, I think I need to get out more and see more of the local scene. I haven’t been going out much due to work which is partly my fault because I refuse any form of help whenever it’s presented to me. I think it’s time for me to accept that life is more than Tokyo, HC and the occasional mall hangout, yes? I need to reconnect with my friends, too!

I feel truly blessed and grateful that no matter what I go through, I still win at the end! It’s an intoxicating feeling!

I always give my best at everything I do and seeing all the hard work I put into everything, I’m blessed to see results. 

In any case, the Cinnamoroll cafe was so expensive! I would rather not spend so much on food, thank you very much! But can anyone resist the cuteness?  I simply cannot! That’s something to think about as well, haha! However, it was a rare treat so I indulged myself with everything I can manage to fit inside my stomach! 

My Mom took some time to shop for pretty goods in the department store. I helped her bring her bags and goods, so at least I felt useful. A short break at the Cinnamoroll Cafe was truly welcome! Especially since it was such a tiring (and hot) day!

Keigo-san (Isn’t he just the cutest, I know, right?!) with my Caramel Machiatto and coconut shavings!

We ordered this salad and it was so good! There was various seafood. The salad dressing was amazing. I can’t even explain how delicious it was.

I forgot what this was called. (This is what I get for not posting entries as soon as I can, haha!) It was a French dish that had fresh vegetables everywhere and was accommodated with a special sauce. My Mom and I loved the sauce so much! It was so good! I don’t know how to explain it. It’s something sort of a very flavourful white sauce. It was thick to the point of being gooey, I’ll say!

And lastly, of course, Cinnamonroll Omurice! Every time I see this dish, I tend to order it. This dish is a testament of how you can create something so beautiful with the simplest of ingredients. It was served with a tomato sauce that was mild.
I hope you enjoyed this short entry! To more cafes in a few days! God bless us all!

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