Aoi Shouta x Little Twin Stars Collaboration Cafe at Omotesando!


Lately, I’ve been dealing with bouts with anxiety. If you’re reading this, I’m either in Tokyo or at our beach house as it’s our Undas break here in my country. The past few days have been quite difficult as I’ve had painful panic attacks about almost anything my head could think of. But I am trying to face my fears little by little because… this is no way to live at all. To be afraid of everything, to be afraid of the future… is a horrible way to live so I’ve been trying to push myself to do things even when I’m not in the specific mood to do so.

I want to become a stronger woman who is unfazed by such self-centered feelings. There are bigger things than my own unnecessary emotional bouts. If I am to achieve bigger things in life, then I must become stronger as it’s the only way to proceed and move forward in life. 

I’m glad I was able to speak on my fears with my parents and open up to them things I’ve been burying for years and carried with me since I was a young child. To become vulnerable in such a cold world is a success. I will prove myself to my parents and have them become proud of me.

But that’s not what we’re here for today!

Last May, I went to the Aoi Shouta x Little Twin Stars Sanrio cafe collaboration at Omotesando!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, this was also the place where I got scouted to model!

Now, I got scared while walking around this area for the main reason that… I’m often used to the main Omotesando street. But the backstreets? Nah, I was freaking out deep inside. I’m glad Google Maps came through for me but it made me take the longer route, haha! 

I received plenty of orders for this cafe, so I thought, why not go! 

It was worth it as I made a lot of people happy but I feel that the cafe is a little meh. The food wasn’t that good. I understand you’re more than not paying for the atmosphere… and the food isn’t Ginza high end level. But it’s really not that good.  For an area like Omotesando, you’d expect something a little more. I mean, The Guest Cafe can do it. *shrugs*

**This is a comment on the food not an attack on your favorite. 

To more cafes and experiences in a few days!

God bless!

Love, Mika