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Saiyuki Reload Blast Cafe at Adores Ikebukuro!

Ehhhhh, arms, whadduppppp?
How is it June… I don’t know. I recently just got back from Tokyo but already am bombarded with so much work. Still, I want to do well in all my endeavours. But at times, I can feel so detached from the process and just proceed with doing things for the sake of completing them. 
I’ll do a post regarding what’s going on in my personal life. Not that it’s anything that deep, sentimental or whatever. If there’s one thing I noticed with my blog is that I haven’t been speaking on anything else but anime cafes. Which to be fair… is kind-of a huge chunk of my job at HC, ya know? Lately, I’ve just been hanging out with my friends and family and working on several projects in between. Everyone (well, including myself) has been doing well so that’s a relief.
In any case, I’m going to convert HC into a more personal space for me while still retaining its original nature. I feel that 2018 is going to bring me a lot of opportunities to do so. And it’s certainly long overdue.
For now, I just want to talk about the Saiyuki Reload Blast cafe at Adores Ikebukuro… which I visited… last February / March? Oh, God, this is what happens when you’re too busy!
I used to be so obsessed with this series when I was in Grade 5. My seat mate Katherine (or Katz) and I would often watch it and talk about it the next day. She liked Sanzo a lot and even bought a necklace that would resemble his beads. 

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure about the series. But that’s because I haven’t passed the 5th episode mark so. *shrugs* 


The merch was totally cute for this series. Naturally, I wanted Hakkai. Thankfully, the girls there were more than kind enough to trade with me as I kept on getting Sanzo and Gojyo. There was this girl that traded with me more than once, haha! I also asked for her cute Goku (the one who was so full!) <3 I met an older lady who liked Sanzo and gave her my coaster.

The menu was short and sweet. Pretty cheap, too, considering Adores does border on the expensive side at times.

Let’s get started on the food!

My orders were a little too green! ;;;

I dunno, probably… *Sweats*

Well, that’s to be expected because I love Hakkai.
Though in retrospect, he does freak me out now…

This avocado and shrimp rice bowl was good. I’ll give them that.

And my Mom bought some dessert~
I hope everyone’s doing well!

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