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Animate Cafe x Attack on Titan Part. 3!

I have a lot of thoughts right now. Every time I do these kinds of posts, I tend to feel at a loss. My friends are often busy with their work / studies / businesses that I don’t want to burden them with my feelings. I guess this is what it means to be considerate. There used to be a time when I’d just want to call them and say how I felt about a situation. I’m the kind of person that will genuinely just work through and through even at the cost of my health and mental capabilities. Someone could do the worst to me, and I’ll still just ignore and smile through it. It’s a bit strange but I do not want to be a burden on anyone.
I wish I was stronger that I wouldn’t have such feelings. Considering that I’m doing great at the moment… and it’s not like I can move time forward, I can only do what I can in the present. A lot of the times, you can do your best but it will never be enough. Sometimes, not even to your own family members. But I intend to exceed every one of them. All I need is time. (Not that it’s related to what I was originally talking about, but you get the point).
Here are a couple of photos from the side of the cafe. They were selling past editions / goods from previous collaborations. I wanted to include these just so I can make your day as they did mine. 

I’m sorry if this entry got a little heavy! Thank you for bearing with me, and I’ll always give my best effort.

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