Chloe fashion Luxury Chloe Faye Suede Mini Bag

Chloe: Faye Suede Wallet Bag

Oh, so cute!
After weeks of debate, I finally decided to take the plunge and get Chloe’s Faye Wallet bag. Now, I’m partial to certain luxury brands when it comes to bags (or anything I own in general). Since they’re an investment, I can’t just splurge on bags randomly. I kept going back and forth on which bag I was about to purchase.
In the end, I went with this cute baby~
The style matches my typical preference when it comes to purchasing these types of bags. 
If there’s one thing that concerns me, it’s the suede part. I had to learn (the hard way, for real) how to clean these up first and foremost. Apparently, it does not do well with water. I think I’ll purchase a suede brush at the mall tomorrow for precaution. For me, I don’t like much upkeep when it comes to any item I own. As I’m always on the go and moving about, I think it’s important for goods to adapt to my lifestyle so bags that need to be protected… I avoid them completely. 
Unless I like the design.
I couldn’t resist this one! I found the design and metal clasp too cute! 
As I dress up quite casually, I think this will fit any of my clothes.

Which, let’s face it… if I buy something expensive, I better get my money’s worth!

The inside is enough for me to put in some alcohol wipes and money. It can also probably fit in my YSL card case (which, really, is all I need in a day!). I don’t like carrying too much stuff as it’s a burden. I like to be able to walk freely! <3
That’s it for this entry! Do I recommend this bag? Yes, if you’re like me who just carries her phone and carry essentials!

Have a wonderful day!

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