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Kiroiitori Diary x Tower Records Cafe in Omotesando!

I’ve been reading watching this cool documentary called Commandos on The Front Line. My Mom, she loves these types of shows, so I’ve grown an affinity for them. When I look back after watching the entire things, some of the men have gone on to leave successful lives and some are dead. It makes me feel sad that these people sacrifice their lives for the betterment of out future. They give-up their todays for our tomorrows. Unlike most people, I understand the fundamental need for protection. I’m pretty much a pansy, so it’s not like I can ever understand them. But I’m grateful for their service. There couldn’t be nobler job. A lot of the times, we think of war as a non-sensical thing. However, there are evil people out there as much as we’d all like to believe that it’s 2018 and no one can harbour such feelings of hate towards another.
Anyway, yes, after 5? 6? 7? months, I’ve finally posted the Tower Records x Kiroiitori cafe collaboration! Initially, I did not like Kiroiitori. I thought he ruined the 2 bears’ dynamic. Over time, the more I got into chicks, I fell in love with him! He’s the more responsible out of the 2 bears. He likes to clean and save money, too. 
I was so happy to see the cafe opened for the public! However, the line was soOoOoo long. My Mom and I had to wait for over an hour! It was so worth it though! 
Here are my photos:

I hope you enjoyed my photographs!

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