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J-World x Seigaku Matsuri Prince of Tennis Collaboration!

I’m leaving for Tokyo in a few days!
See you then, Rikkaidai collaboration!
I am so grateful for everything that I have. Thank you so much for supporting my shop and I! I think it’s so cool that a lot of people feel a special connection with me. I get a lot of DMs on a daily basis. I think HC has become a sisterhood of sorts. There are days when I feel particularly vulnerable. Yet I know that a lot of people online and offline have my back. I think when you focus a lot on your troubles, it’s easy to diminish the work you’ve done in the past. It’s good to have wonderful people who’ll carry you through such dark times.
Well, talking about personal troubles is no characteristic of mine (though I enjoy violently ranting every now and then when the situation calls for it…!), let’s talk about the Seigaku Matsuri which I went to… I believe last February? Oh, God. 
Seigaku is that team that must always win… this isn’t my favorite team, but hey, I wanted to go in order to cater the others! Plus, it’s nice to taste collaboration food!
Here are the photos:

Now, this isn’t particularly my favorite team so I didn’t bother researching the events too much. 
Apparently, it was a celebration of Fuji’s birthday so I got this cool card and got to try out his special birthday dish!

It’s the first time I ever saw such a decadent plate of fried goodies… on a collaboration cafe nonetheless. The meal was pretty expensive as you can see on the receipt but for me, it was so worth it!

*nods, nods* Really good! I also liked the drink! It tasted like bubblegum.

I hope y’all enjoyed this short entry!

Gotta pack for Tokyo now!

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