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Code:Realize Cafe Collaboration at Princess Cafe!

Hello, hello!
If you’re reading this, I may or may not be in Tokyo. In any case, my next trip is scheduled for May-June so I’m pretty stoked already! There are plenty of things to be grateful for, and I want to keep that mindset as much as possible. I’m blessed to be in this position. I’m happy to be alive. I’m grateful for the things and people I have. The circumstances that I want are on their way to me. God’s favour is mine. I repeat these things daily in my head. And when I look back, the things I asked God for end up being mine.
In any case, I’m back to pushing out entries after 2 months of not doing so. I need to find the strength to be able to do them! Let’s do this!
Now, for this entry, we’ll need to go back to a time machine for me to recall everything that happened! I believe this was last October, if I’m not mistaken? ;;; Yes, I’m pretty sure it was! *nods, nods*
It was a breezy Autumn afternoon, and I told my Mom that I desperately wanted to go to the Princess Cafe. It’s different from my typical cafes as I often go to either Adores, The Guest and of course my ultimate favorite: Animate. I didn’t know where this cafe was or if there were reservations, to begin with. So I pushed my luck (there was heavy construction!) and just randomly went. Naturally, it took my Mom plenty of convincing as she didn’t like it when I would go to places that we weren’t familiar with. I understand she’s getting to that age, okay!!! I really tried to go there effortlessly.
… And that I did!
When we got to the cafe, I was extremely overwhelmed! They really went for it at the cafe! Everything was well-decorated to the brim!

The pictures should be able to speak for themselves here:



Let’s move onto the food!

The food was quite expensive! This small amount for 1000 yen! Jesus, Mary, Joseph!!! It’s basically a small serving of risotto and some corn soup! Heaven, help me! If it wasn’t for my fandoms, then I really, really wouldn’t be spending this much if at all! (Oh, and there was a small serving of parmesan cheese. BUT THAT’S WAAAAAY BESIDE THE POINT.)

Black coffee with biscuits. Van’s dish, apparently… I mean, clearly—! 

Of course, I ordered my Darling Impey’s strawberry drink! THIS WAS WORTH IT. NO I AM NOT BIASED OKAY. //coughs

I hope y’all enjoyed this entry! <3 God bless!

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