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A3! x Good Smile Cafe in Akihabara!

First and foremost, super shout out to my Mom who bought me so many Banri goods from this cafe as well as generally just being an amazing person and going with me. You’ll probably never read this. Or you will, or maybe you’re actually reading because it’s not like I had my fandoms. Eitherway, I’m glad to have you as a mom. Few are as blessed as me.
It’s my Dad’s birthday in a few days!
My Dad is 1/2 of the most precious people in my world. I’m truly blessed to have such a kind father. When I was a kid, we didn’t get along so much. This was primarily because I was afraid of him. He used to take on such an authoritarian and disciplinarian role in the house. When you’re a naughty kid like I was, well, things weren’t always as good. Looking back, I wish I was more mature when it came to handling my Dad. I always felt things to an extreme level. If I was scolded, I felt horrible and to me, it was like the end of the world. So I never liked my Dad all that much growing-up. It’s only now in my early 20s that we’ve gotten closer. I don’t regret anything at all.

“That’s a good thing. Even if she acts like she hates you, your daughter’s still more precious than anything.” – Kusabi (The Silver Case)

Was that a little too much for every day readers? 
Anyway, finally, I get to talk about the A3! cafe which was extremely fun and exciting!
This was a very memorable cafe for me to go to because the very moment we landed in Japan, we immediately had to get to this cafe. It was very tiring, and I felt sorry for my Mom as she had to accompany me. I’ll never force her to do something like this again. (Going to the cafe and rushing to make it in time as soon as we arrived!)
Certainly, the atmosphere of the cafe suited the colourful and vibrant world of A3! 

Banri’s my favorite!

Onto the food!

Compared to other collaboration cafes I’ve been to (here at Good Smile), the menu was quite simple. There are only a total of 2 meals and 3 desserts! 

Autumn troupe is my favorite troupe so I’m glad I got to seat on this table! Plus, it’s kind-of funny how I can see Juza’s mandals while eating. It was super funny, haha!

My Mom ordered Omi-kun’s Special Bagna Cauda! This is Omi’s favorite dish. It was served with this odd salad (It’s not really odd, but for me it is… Ain’t never seen that assortment before but that’s my third world butt talking) and of course, will it ever be complete without Animate’s endless supply of corn soup? I swear to God, every cafe will have some corn soup at some point. I had it at Enstars!’s cafe, too. My Mom said it was alright. She just gave me the corn soup, though. 
I hate corns!!! (I drank it anyway. We don’t waste food in this household.)

I ordered Autumn Troupe’s “How Wonderfully Picturesque” Afternoon Iced Teea drink. Nothing special, of course. But I do stan Autumn Troupe so why not get that? I was very sweaty from running to the cafe, so yes, I had to do what I had to do!

Mankai Company’s Special Curry! It wasn’t all that ~special~ to be quite honest, but bearable. I don’t even recognize the difference from normal boxed curries but because I had it in the A3! cafe then I’ll happily fool myself into thinking that it is indeed special. Thanks for the free egg. I mean, everything is better when there’s a free egg, right? Right.

Thank you for taking the time to read! I am beyond grateful.

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